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How does granite stone add value to your house?

Granite is one of the most popular stones for home decor and renovations. Its durability, strength and beauty make it a must-have for any living space in Melbourne. It’s also incredibly easy to maintain, so there’s little need to worry about upkeep. With the best granite stones in Melbourne, you can create a unique look that will be sure to impress visitors and bring out an aura of calmness that seamlessly blends with your home’s atmosphere.

Not only do they provide the perfect finishing touch in any room, but because granite stones are natural heat absorbers, they also help maintain comfortable temperatures inside of your home during hot summer days and cold winter nights. As one of the leading suppliers of granite stones in Melbourne, we know exactly how to choose the best ones for your particular needs! In this blog post, we’ll explore how to use various types of granite stones in your renovation project as well as provide tips on where to find the highest quality granite suppliers in Melbourne


Is granite better than marble?

Granite and marble are two different stones that are used for the same purpose but have some differences in terms of material, appearance, and quality. Marble is sedimentary whereas granite is igneous. Granite is known to be more durable than marble with less maintenance cost. Granite is better than marble because it gives a dynamic appeal to the house which is not the case with marble. Granite stones in Melbourne are hygienic option as it is resistant to germs. If cared for properly granite stays more than marble. So in every aspect, granite stone is more reliable them marble so you must prefer that.

Granite Stones


How to choose the best granite stone- its types?

Upgrading your house with the best makes you feel confident about your interior and help you to elevate the beauty of the structure you choose. The type of granite stone you can choose are-

Antique brown

It is a color that suits your home if you like a simple modern look. The antique brown granite makes your home sober and elegant. It looks absolutely beautiful if combined with white accessories and designs in the house. It is commonly used in the kitchen for countertops. Antique brown is one of the best granite stones in Melbourne.

Cosmic Black

If you like the classy approach in your house then cosmic black granite stones in Melbourne is a must for you. It is simple yet dramatic which makes your home space striking for your guests. You can combine it with white or sky blue designs in the house it looks amazing.


This is uncommon granite that has a base shade of pink. On the surface of the stone, there are some beautiful spots of dark grey and white. The overall appeal of this granite stone is good. It is popularly used in bathrooms as it adds a soothing effect. It is easy to clean and helps in avoiding splashbacks. It is good to use this granite stone in fireplaces as they are heat resistant and has a strong surface.


Alaska is a very rare granite stone used in houses. It is bright compared to other granite stones. They are suitable only when the interior of the house is very simple. It has a smooth finish which looks good. The color of the granite is red with patterns of black and grey on its body. It can be used as a feature wall because of its bright look.


Sapphire granite is a very famous granite material suitable for home structures. It has different finishes including polished, brushed, and even leather. The edging of this material is also very good as it has machine-cut edges. It is perfect for walls and flooring. This granite is easy to handle. It has a striking shine on the surface which enhances the overall look of a room.


Some unique ideas to use granite stones in Melbourne


Flooring with granite stones in Melbourne is nothing new. It is highly popular in Australian homes. The finishing of the material makes it more appealing for floors. A granite floor offers durability to your space. With good granite flooring, the house stays clean and hygienic. The stone also balances the temperature inside the house. It gives a soothing effect to the overall structure of the house. If you love creative design in interior setup then you must try granite flooring. It is comfortable, resistant, and needs low maintenance.

Kitchen tops

Looking for a kitchen top to manage kitchen work effectively? How about using granite stones in Melbourne? Now you can make your daily kitchen work easy and fast with top-quality granite stone material. Granite has a score of 6 in hardness which means it is difficult to damage it. it is crack-proof material that stays for many years. In the kitchen you need everything organized and nothing can be better than a granite kitchen countertop. It enhances the design of the kitchen and makes it more functional. You have access to all your kitchen essentials while cooking because of this countertop. Try out granite kitchen tops to keep your kitchen well-managed.


If you want a hygienic solution for your bathrooms then you must go for granite bathroom vanities. Due to the non-porous nature of the stone, it stays clean and free from germs. Now you can renovate your washroom with beautifully designed granite sinks and walls. It creates a positive vibe inside the washroom. a bathroom with granite becomes a smell zone because granite is resistant to bacteria that produce a bad smell. You can also keep your bathrooms real and natural with the touch of granite stones.

Under pool

If you want to add a luxurious touch to your backyard then you must try a swimming pool constructed with granite stones in Melbourne. It is a unique way of adding royalty to your space. The pool looks stunning and the surface stays smooth. You can use it easily as dirt deposit is comparatively less than other materials in granite. Spend the best time with your family near the granite pool in your space.


Featuring your wall with the best design can transform your interior completely. There are different designs you may choose to decorate your wall uniquely. A decoration suits well when you have used the right material for walls. Granite  stone in Melbourne is one of the materials which make your wall attractive. If you love ancient art you can always decorate your granite wall with that to add a traditional touch to the house.


Furnishing is the most important part of designing. To add an aesthetic appeal you must choose the best furnishing styles which are compatible with the space in which you keep the furniture. Granite is a different choice for tables. It is a rare option Australians go for. So if you like to offer a dramatic look to your house you can choose granite tables. This includes dining tables, coffee tables, and even study tables. You can always compare the color and pattern of the granite with the design of the house. There are various options in granite stones in Melbourne which gives a vibrant look to the house.


Facing problem damage issues with the wooden staircase? Replace it with a modern granite staircase which is more durable and resistant than wood. It is easy to clean with simple detergent solutions. Granite stones are less slippery than other materials because their surface has a good grip.  You can add it to any corner of the house where a staircase is needed. A granite staircase is shiny with a sober look.


Granite is one of the most popular materials used in home design and construction because it offers a wide range of benefits. At Top Notch Stones, we carry a large selection of granite colors, styles, and textures to choose from, so you can find the perfect stone for your needs. Our teams of experts are also trained in proper installation techniques to ensure that your new granite countertops or floors look great and last for the upcoming years.Customer service is our top priority so we take your advice to design your house.

We offer good premium quality materials at affordable prices. Our process of work is excellent. We use the latest technology to build and install granite stones at your home. You can contact us immediately and book an appointment with our team to get direct advice. Let’s meet and transform your interior. If you’re interested in adding granite to your home, contact us today for more information. We’ll be happy to help you select the right stone for your space and give you a free estimate on our installation services.