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Granite and marble are two of the most popular stones for home purposes. Owing to their durability and clean finish, they are the preferred stones for kitchen uses. Rendering a classic glossy look, both granite and marble are available in colour variants of white, grey, black and even in shades of green and reddish pink. Granite marble comes in beautiful designs and figures and owing to its extraordinary glaze and shine, people prefer it for both residential as well as for commercial projects in Melbourne. Granite marble is easy to fit and adds tremendous beauty to your interiors. The black shade of the granite marble is one of the popular choices for kitchen surfaces. The sheen and durability of the stone has been one of the primary factors in making this an all-time favourite amongst customers.

Top Notch Stones, a leading dealer in Marble And Granite in Melbourne, Australia offers an array of premium quality natural stones. We use advanced machinery and state-of-the-art technologies to cut the granites according to the customer’s requirements of granite marbles. Some remain polished while others are available in unpolished forms. Granite marble, one of our premium products, comes in over 250 colour patterns. Sourced from selected sites around Australia, Top Notch Stones live up to their brand name in delivering only top-notch products to our customers near Melbourne.

Why should you use granite marble for your kitchen

• Colour choices – Granite marbles come in an array of shades making it easy to find a shade that matches or complements your kitchen’s colour palette.

• Highlights – They can be used to highlights the chief pointers nin your kitchen like a central panel or stovetop section or so. Using lighter shades of granite marble can brighten up dark corners, providing more light in the kitchen space.

• Hygiene – Easy to clean, they don’t absorb and stains from powders or liquids used around in the kitchen. This saves a lot of cleaning up time and keeps the kitchen clean always.

• Durability – Granite marbles are a lifetime investment and they do not break or crack easily. They withstand all cooking activates and one can pound ingredient on a mortar and pestle without worrying about cracking the counter. They are heat and fire resistant, making them the best choice for kitchens.

• Eco-friendly – For the environment conscious, there is nothing better than using a natural stone for their kitchen surfaces. Granite marbles are not treated with chemicals and there is no synthetic waste.