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Stone conveys a sense of luxury and sophistication and its known for its beauty and elegance. It offers a great mixture of colours, swirling light, and dark shades together in an overwhelming array of patterned finishes. It can be of large chunky chips or blended monochromatic natural tones. Stone benchtops deliver great looks, is durable, and make it a worthwhile addition to improving the value of your home rather than just being a place to work in. Come to Top Notch Stones for the best collection of natural stone benchtops and affordable stone benchtops suppliers in Melbourne.

Most stone benchtops come in neutral tones and can blend with the colour scheme of any kitchen. Stone Benchtop suppliers in Melbourne like Top Notch Stones can cater to different thicknesses and beauty.The most obvious benefit of stone is its quality. This quality can come at a high price, but the high prices are worth it. Are you aching for a white marble kitchen Melbourne? Top Notch Stones offer affordable stone benchtops in Melbourne too.

Natural Stone Benchtop Melbourne

Benefits of Choosing a White Marble Kitchen in Melbourne

Affordability: Even though white marble looks stunningly luxurious and expensive, it can cost less than other natural stone benchtops in Melbourne. The exact cost is variable, and depending on the exact type and thickness chosen, marble is often less expensive than granite or engineered quartz.

Maintenance: Stone is tough and long-lasting. It is easy to clean by just using a damp cloth and it is resistant to stains and scratches. It can last a long time and won’t degrade.

Durability: Being a natural stone, marble is more resistant to scratching, cracking, or breaking than any other countertop material. But it is still softer than granite, which opens up exciting possibilities of attractive design elements like fancy edges during fabrication.

Uniqueness: No man-made countertop material can match the look of marble. As it is created from natural processes, each piece is inherently unique and cannot be copied. The range of colours and hues found in marble depends on the area of the original and the proportion of minerals in the original limestone. The beautiful and characteristic veining in white marble is from the impurities trapped in the limestone during marble formation.

Resistant to heat: Marble is the favourite for chefs and bakers because it stays cool. This makes it perfect for rolling out pastry. You won’t ever find your marble countertop catching fire, but it is a good idea to keep the finish intact by not placing hot pans directly on the surface.

Melbourne’s most beautiful Stone Benchtop – White Marble Kitchen

Top Notch Stones is one of the leading dealers in natural stones & natural stones benchtops in Melbourne. All our products are sourced from the finest quarries across the continent. The collection of stones at Top Notch Stones are handpicked by stone experts and surpasses the highest quality standards by a wide margin. We also conduct a quality check for extra reassurance for us as well as the customers. Call us right now at 0459 966 200 for Natural Stone Benchtop, White Marble Kitchen.