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Are you considering installing stone bench tops to give your kitchen a stylish and contemporary look? Stone benchtops add value to any home, increasing its overall market worth, but can be quite expensive if you don’t shop around for the best deals. If you live in Melbourne, Australia, and want to get the best possible quality at an affordable price then read on! A stone benchtop is a hard material that is used for upgrading your house and making your house more functional. A stone benchtop is heat and water-resistant material and adds quality to the interiors.

This blog post will provide insight into where to find the cheapest stone benchtops in Melbourne that offer top-notch results. You’ll learn more about the type of stones available along with how much they cost per square meter so that you can purchase what fits your budget without having to sacrifice quality or style.

Types of bench tops you can construct with stone

Before you start constructing the cheapest stone benchtops in Melbourne you must know what design you are looking for. The design is directly related to the cost associated with it. So you need to be mindful while choosing the design. Also, you must know what suits best for your space. So here are some types of stone benchtops you may consider:

Flat Benchtop

If you have a complex kitchen space then Flat bench tops are best for you. They are versatile and can be fixed in any corner of the kitchen. The surface of the benchtop is flat with different shapes complementing it. Flat benchtops are suitable for all sizes of kitchens. It keeps the kitchen items organized and easily manageable. A flat benchtop is commonly used because it is cheaper compared to other types of benchtop. You can get good quality cheapest stone benchtops in Melbourne

Waterfall Benchtop

Australians constantly look for unique and innovative styles for their interiors, so why not try a waterfall benchtop? It is a new idea added to benchtop design and gaining popularity among people. It helps in protecting the corners of the benchtop and makes it more flexible to use. The appeal of this stone benchtop is remarkable.

Front drop Benchtop

Upgrading your house with a front drop benchtop is a wise choice. If there are cabinets or shelves added with the benchtop they are protected from water drops or oil stains. It is also good for bathroom sinks. It protects against unnecessary dripping of water and keeps your bathroom dry. You can use it with hanging basins. You can get the cheapest stone benchtops in Melbourne with this design.

Square end Benchtop

Protecting the edges of the benchtop is important as it gives support to the surface of the benchtop. There are various ways you can construct the corners of a benchtop but square-end benchtops are considered the best for a long shelf life. It keeps the benchtop easy and safe to use and also balances the weight of the surface.


Steps to follow for stone benchtops in Melbourne

Before you buy a benchtop you should have enough knowledge about benchtops. This helps you to choose the best quality material and cheapest stone benchtops in Melbourne. here are some steps you must follow before getting a benchtop at home:

  1. Choose the type of stone that comes within your budget and suits your interior setup. You must choose the one which adds a unique value to your space. Always go for good quality but cheapest stone benchtops in Melbourne.
  2. Always check and learn about the careful guidance of the stone you are choosing for your benchtops. To keep it in use for a long time you must maintain the benchtop properly. Try to clean the benchtop frequently to retain the value of the material. Also, use cleaning products advised by experts for better outcomes in the long run.
  3. At the time of purchase check the samples by visiting personally. There is a big difference between the digital approach and the visual approach. If you go check some samples you will get better visibility of choosing the right one for you.
  4. Check the clause of the warranty you must get with the cheapest stone benchtops in Melbourne. It includes the details of all the necessary steps taken if the customer faces any issues. The ideal warranty timeline is 10 to 15 years but it varies from company to company.
  5. Avoid direct use of the benchtop surface for cooking or bathroom needs. For instance, cutting and chopping directly on the slab may lead to scratches. This affects the appearance of the benchtop and also it starts damaging gradually. Use a chopping board for the safety of the material.

Cheapest Stone Benchtops

Cheapest stone bench tops in Melbourne

Now that you know about stone benchtops and how they are used for the long-term benefit you must know about the cheapest stone benchtops in Melbourne. To get such benchtops proper market research is needed. You need to compare the types, textures, and styles of stones available to you for benchtops. Engineered stone benchtops are affordable in rate and give a good quality appeal to the house similar to natural stones. Some of the engineer-stoned benchtops you must try


A good alternative to natural stone is the smart stone. It enhances the look of the benchtop and makes it more appealing. The smart stone makes your space more functional and easy to handle. You can get a variety of colors and textures for this smart stone. These cheapest stone benchtops in Melbourne offer a marble finish. You can use it for kitchen benchtops.  It is easy to handle and care for. It is a good organizer for you with high durability.

Essa stone

Essa stone is a non-porous resilient material that is made with natural quartz and resin. It is a great alternative to natural stones. The pricing of this stone is also reasonable compared to natural stones. The finishing of this engineered stone material is smooth and shiny. Essa stone is widely used for kitchen benchtops because of its stain-proof quality. If maintained properly it stays useful for years.


If you dream to get a luxurious look in your home then you must try Caesarstone. It is one of the cheapest stone benchtops in Melbourne. it makes your house more functional and appealing. Australians like to use Caeserstone at home because of the colors it offers and the quality it gives. It is slightly more expensive compared to other engineer stones but it is cheaper than natural stone. Now add a sober look to your house with the use of Caesarstone.

YDL stone

If you are looking for high-quality stone yet less pricey material then you must go for YDL stone. It is one of the most demanded materials because of the variety of colors and textures. You get the opportunity to try different design options with YDL stone for benchtops. The YDL stone is very easy to care for and has a smooth finish. It enhances and upgrades the look of the house. With YDL stone projects kitchen renovation becomes much easier. This stone is made with advanced technology and innovative designs.


With the maintenance of manufacturing standards, lavistone is one of the most famous and cheapest stone benchtops in Melbourne. There are some unique designs you may get from lavistone which compliments your house creatively. Despite being an engineered stone it gives a natural soothing touch to your space. Lavistone is known as a style statement material which upgrades your lifestyle.

Why are Top Notch stones best for installing your home with a bench top?

When you plan to upgrade your home you must look for a material that lets you stand out from the rest. There are different stones available that can update the beauty of your house. The Stones are used for benchtops, flooring, and vanities. To get the cheapest stone benchtops in Melbourne you must contact Top Notch stones and get the best quality benchtops. We are working with both natural and engineered stones in Melbourne. If you are looking for a reasonable option you must check our range of engineer stones. We are operating with the best manufacturers around the globe to give your effective services.

We believe that benchtop is a combination of art and technology so we focus on quality and pricing both. We do not set a profit margin that compromises the quality or price. We compare the needs of the customers with the services we offer. We make changes accordingly.

We specialize in kitchen benchtops as we have a variety of design ideas suitable for the kitchen area. The stone benchtops we install are durable, resilient, and easy to maintain. We also take care of the décor of the kitchen to match up a benchtop that compliments it. You can call or email us to get the cheapest stone benchtops in Melbourne. Let’s convert your dream kitchen setup into reality with Top Notch Stones.