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Kitchen Benchtops

Top Notch Stones – Add Glamour to your kitchen with Stone Kitchen Benchtops in Melbourne

Kitchen benchtops are an essential space in your kitchen and it is the one that takes up the maximum surface area in the kitchen, after flooring. This space is of utilitarian nature and is the base for several activities in the kitchen such as chopping of vegetables, ponding, and grinding of spices, cooking, use of electrical appliances and more. All of these make the choice of stone kitchen benchtops a crucial decision. There are various options for kitchen benchtop materials such as engineered benchtops, vinyl, laminated, timber, steel and more. But, natural stone benchtops are a class apart and is one of the most preferred option.

Leading supplier of quality stone kitchen benchtops in Melbourne

Top Notch Stones is the most sought-after dealer for stone kitchen benchtops in Melbourne, Australia. Handpicked stones that comply with all the necessary industry standards and affordable rates is the highlight of Top Notch. We deal with all kinds of stone kitchen benchtops such as marble, granite, lime, quartz and so on. We undertake small, medium and large-scale projects both in the domestic and industrial sector. Over the years, we have offered our products and services to a large percentage of homes, offices, industries etcin the vicinity of Melbourne.

Benefits of having a stone kitchen benchtop

They are durable and hence it is very hard to mark or stain the stone. They do not absorb a lot of colour, chemicals or acids, ensuring that appearance is not blotched.

Though sturdy, they are easy to cut into whatever shape you desire. This property of natural stone saves on excessive man and machine power.

Highly strong, they are capable of taking load and withstand drillings without chipping or cracking which makes it easyfor the mounting of sinks and basins.

Natural stone is an ideal choice for asplashback behind a gas hotplate or near sinks.

With varying quality and types, they are available in different price brackets, ensuring that there is one for every budget.