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Of all the good purchases in the world, a modern kitchen benchtop is by far the best. If you love everything around you, built from scratch, no problem! You are the decision-maker, and you must do what makes you happy. However, benchtops are great and ample customers are looking for a modern kitchen benchtop. So, the answer is ‘No’. It is no blunder.

You have made a great choice. For those who need more clarification about this decision let us present you with all the pros and cons of buying a modern kitchen benchtop. There are several benefits of going for a modern kitchen set-up. Here are some of the prime reasons. Go through these and see if you can add more to the list. If yes, do let experts at Top Notch Stones know about it. We love to hear from our clients and update the blogs accordingly.

 It is Pocket Friendly

It will be less taxing on your pocket. This is a wise investment if you are a student living alone and earning only through side hustles. If you run a family and have kids to care for, it is acceptable to cut down on kitchen installation expenses by choosing a good quality modern kitchen benchtop in Melbourne.

Modern Kitchen Benchtop Melbourne Natural Stones are Timeless

Natural stones are timeless and will stay new for a long time. Natural stones are products of nature and can withstand time in a way you would not believe. There are so many famous architectures around the world built in natural stones. These have passed the test of time and stand proudly today. So, with a modern kitchen benchtop in Melbourne, you are also good to go. 


 How is Natural Stone Different from Engineered Stone?

We have been talking about kitchen benchtops for a long time now. Benchtops are usually made from natural stones or reconstituted stones. In this part of the blog, we shall thoroughly discuss the differences between the two.

The very first difference is their source. Natural stones are quarried. On the other hand, reconstituted stones are artificial. Both make good Stone Slabs in Melbourne.

 Durability and Strength

This is an important point that needs to be considered. Both are strong and durable. However, if you ask which is heavier, the answer is engineered stones. This does not necessarily make natural stones better. It is just the difference in weight. Since both are strong, it is acceptable to go for a modern kitchen benchtop in Melbourne in either.


If you are busy and looking for a bit of relief in the cleaning routine, go for engineered stones. Natural stones tend to hold on stains especially when sealing has not been done. If you like cleaning and have a habit of keeping your home sparkly, both suit you. 


After all, everything we add to our home is to make it feel better and look better. If you want to renovate your stone, you must know how different stones look after installation. There are so many options for both natural stones and engineered stones. A simple Google search will give you a million results, and you can scroll through them. When you choose a modern kitchen benchtop in Melbourne, the appearance can be fixed with professional help.

If you are looking to have a conversation about natural stones and engineered stones, feel free to get in touch with experts near you. You may also call up Top Notch Stones.

 Taking Care of Natural Stones

Caring for natural stones is essential; the same goes for benchtops with engineered stones. A simple care routine can go a long way. If you do not care about benchtops, nothing disastrous will happen. However, your kitchen area may start to look old and dull. You would not want that, right? Follow this simple routine, and you will see how your modern kitchen benchtop in Melbourne will remain new for years.

 The only routine you have got to follow is this:

Every night, take a soaked cloth, spray on some gentle cleaner, and wipe off. This is simple and effective. Also, professional sealing will be helpful here. Kitchen benchtops in Melbourne may or may not come with sealing. If it is a natural stone, sealing becomes essential. Out of all, stone benchtops are in high demand. Customers like other materials too.

 I hope you find enough reasons in this blog to set up a modern kitchen benchtop in Melbourne this year.

Did you have a good read? Do you have any more questions? Tell us, if you have any. Feel free to call us on 0459 966 200.