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Restaurant Tabletop Specialist in Melbourne

The looks of your restaurant matter as much as your signature dish. You cannot expect your restaurant to get more attention if it does not have that sleek and stylish look. Tables at a restaurant are an innate attraction, and if you don’t use the perfect material for your tabletops, they may wear out soon giving an unhygienic and unpleasant impression of your restaurant.

But don’t worry, Top Notch Stones have the best solution for your restaurant table tops, where you get to pick the finest quality granite, quartz, and many more tremendously stylish coffee tabletops for your restaurant. We even provide our customers with the best advice, relating to their requirements, and use our visionary skills to help choose for your restaurant.

Using natural stones add more elegance to the aesthetics of your restaurant. With Top Notch Stones, you get the best coffee tabletop. Whether you own a cafe, a five-star hotel, or a lounge, we offer a wide range of restaurant tabletops that suits your needs. Just tell us your space requirements and your restaurant-style (indoors and outdoors), and we can set the prevailing style depending upon the theme and tone of your restaurant.

Selecting The Best Style

While looking for tabletops, it is important to pick an attractive or aesthetically suitable design or style. Matt finish or gloss, round or rectangular, static, or rotating, large, or small, everything concerning the style should be ready in mind before making a purchase. So, before you enter a nearby tabletop store, choose the style that fits your restaurantbest.

Remember, customers seek an exceptional ambience when they go out to dine or for beverages.

Picking the best materials

Picking the material that complements the theme of your space is also important. We have a wide range of natural stone materials available for tabletops for your restaurant. The two most popular natural stones for sale for your tabletops are:

  • Granite tabletops
  • Quartz tabletops

Best Quality Quartz and Granite Tabletop for Sale

At Top Notch Stones, we offer the best quality quartz and granite tabletop for sale. They are naturally and beautifully formed into large slabs and are easily cut to form tabletops. Top Notch Stones provide you and your customers with the best dining experience by providing a beautiful and elegant background to your delicious food and dishes.

We assure fine quality and durability of our stones, which are sourced from the best quarries in Australia. We provide the best fabrication, shape, and finish to stones to be able to make lively tabletops for cafes and restaurants.

Our tabletop range includes:

  • Granite tabletops
  • Quartz tabletops
  • Cafe tabletops
  • Restaurant tabletops
  • Granite coffee table and more

We can even provide you with customised style for unique tabletops to maintain the aesthetic essence of your hotel, lounge, or restaurant in Melbourne and surrounding areas.

Call or email us today and let us know how we can help you.