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Innovative Marble Stone Splashback Solutions in Melbourne – White Marble Effect

The kitchen is one of the most roughly and frequently used spaces in our homes. Out of this, the sink-side and the stove top, and the adjoining walls are the ones that are subject to maximum abuse. Water, detergent and cleaning solutions splatter on the walls, making the dirty over time. Similar is the case of walls behind stove tops which are subject to dirtying from spills from the cooking such as oils and spices. Though some of these can be washed away with water a mild soapy solution, most of the stubborn stains remain on the walls forever, marring the beauty of your kitchen walls. The normal paints on the walls are not resistant to such harsh stains. In such scenarios, splashback are a lifesaver. Marble splashbacks and stone splashbacks are the most popular options for such scenarios. One can create a white marble effect splashback against the dark contrast of a kitchen. Besides rendering a clean wall solution, they add to the aesthetic quotient of your kitchen space.

Top Notch Stones in Melbourne, Australia is a famed dealer in all kinds of natural stones including marble, granite, quartz and more. We specialize in stone splashbacks crafted in all kinds of stone and can customize sizes and colour according to customer preference. Offering premium quality stones, we are known throughout the country for our durability and excellence in craftsmanship.

Why should you use marble splashbacks?

Protection – The most obvious reason to installing a splashback is to protect your walls from water, grease and stain spillages. Marble has high resistance and can withstand almost all kinds of spillages that may occur in a kitchen.

Aesthetics – A marble splashback adds contrast and texture to your kitchen wall.

Easy to clean – Marble absorbs no stains or colour and hence cleaning a marble splashback is a breeze. They can be washed away with water and a mild soap solution to remove the grease or oil sprinkles.

Brightness – Especially white marble splashbacks add more brightness to your kitchen’s interiors and lights up the space.