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Unique Modern Outdoor Stone Fireplaces in Melbourne

As the winter sets in, there is nothing more charming and cozy than a fireplace inside your home. An array of materials such as steel, brick, tile, concrete etcare used for constructing a fireplace. Though these are popular options, a stone fireplace has a vintage charm. Natural stones like granite is deemed as extremely durable and indestructible for this purpose. It has excellent heat resistance, especially when compared to most other countertop materials like laminate, butcher block, and even marble.

Top Notch Stones, the leading dealer in all natural stones in Melbourne, Australia is known for providing quality products at affordable rates. Every piece of stone is handpicked from chosen quarries across Australia and is passed through several levels of quality checks before reaching the end customer. Besides providing world-class natural stones, Top Notch Stones also offers excellent guidance on home improvement, modification and renovation ideas though their experts.

Benefits of using a granite fireplace

• Heat resistant – Granite can tolerate high temperatures, such as those that both gas- and wood-burning fireplaces emit. If you are using tile or stone around your fireplace, you must first install a cement board before installing the tile or stone. The cement board absorbs the heat, protecting your stone. This is not something you need to do with granite. This saves money and labour.

• Durable – If maintained well, granite does not scratch or chip easily and can last forever. This makes them an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor stone fireplaces.

• Choice of colour – Being a natural stone, granite is available in various colours and shades and every lab of the stone is unique. They are quite versatile and complement every setting – be it modern or rustic.

• Easy to clean – They are smooth and hence the cleaning process is a breeze. Plus, the dark colour of the stone often conceals the ash and soot that arise from the fireplace.