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Melbourne’s First-Class Quality Quantum Quartz Stone Benchtops to Glorify Your Kitchen

Owners are constantly searching for the ideal materials to outfit their home and office spaces durably and attractively without breaking the bank. This has led to the invention of engineered stone or quartz stone benchtop in Melbourne. Engineered stone can be compressed into a slab of different sizes and used inside the kitchen and bathroom. Quantum Quartz benchtops are one such type of engineered stone benchtops that offer various benefits over natural stone benchtops like granite kitchen benchtops.

Quantum quartz benchtops in Melbourne contain over 93% of natural quartz and 7% resin for bonding. Additional pigments and additives are added along with this. All of this produces a strong, attractive, and versatile product for homes and buildings.

Benefits of Quantum Quartz Benchtops Melbourne

• Non-Porous: As quantum quartz kitchen benchtops are non-porous, they are stain-resistant and require no sealing, unlike granite kitchen benchtops. Spills can be cleaned off easily with warm water and mild detergent as quartz stone benchtops do not absorb moisture, acid, or oils from the spill. Moreover, non-porous nature makes quartz stone benchtop hygienic.

• Scratch-resistant: Quantum quartz kitchen benchtops are highly resistant to scratching and chipping. This makes quantum quartz suitable for flooring and splashbacks as well.

• Heat resistant: Quantum quartz is heat resistant and will not catch fire in a kitchen setting unlike laminate or other cheap materials, even without the use of trivets and hot pads. This makes quantum quartz kitchen benchtops ideal for chefs and bakers.

• Visuals: Quantum quartz benchtops come in a huge assortment of colors, patterns, and hues that can complement any décor or aesthetic of the kitchen, bathroom, or any other place it is used. This wide selection is possible as manufacturers can engineer different colours and shades using pigments and additives. This cannot be said for natural stone benchtops like granite kitchen benchtops.

• Durability: Quantum quartz products usually last for more than 10 years. Quantum quartz benchtops in Melbourne come with a 10-year limited warranty at Top Notch Stones. Hence you can be sure of receiving a high return on your investment.

The Largest Selection of Quantum Quartz Kitchen Stone Benchtops for Your Kitchen Across Melbourne

Top Notch Stones offers the largest collection of quantum quartz benchtop in Melbourne to suit your needs and stylistic choice. We also offer affordable granite benchtops in Melbourne and other natural stone engineered stone benchtops like quartz surfaces and benchtops for your home or office. Our superior craftsmanship and expertise in customer service help us execute your project swiftly. We use the latest technology for manufacturing our products and utilize advanced software with the best processing and installation methodology to ensure that the desired work is done extremely well. We manage all projects from stone selection, supply, and installation. Call us today at 0459 966 200 for our services. You can also use the enquiry feature at our website to leave a message and our friendly team will get back to you as soon as possible.